Mining and Steel Department

The Mining and Steel Department at Dana Sepand Holding is focused on utilizing high-quality mineral resources and providing raw materials for steel production. As a cohesive unit, this department is committed to improving processes and delivering quality products for export to global markets.


To supply high-quality mineral resources and produce steel using advanced technologies for global competitiveness and increased presence in export markets.


1. High-Quality Raw Material Supply for Steel:
Selecting and extracting mineral resources in accordance with international standards to produce high-quality steel.

2. Efficiency in Processes:
Improving efficiency in extraction and production processes to reduce costs and enhance competitive capabilities.

3. Development of Export Markets:
Increasing the volume and expanding the export of mineral and steel products to global markets based on global needs and demands.

4. Quality Management:
Maintaining quality standards to ensure the supply of products with desired specifications for foreign markets.

5. Research and Development:
Investing in research and development to improve processes, reduce environmental impacts, and enhance technology.

6. Environmental Protection:
Implementing policies and protective processes to reduce negative environmental impacts and promote sustainable development.

All these objectives, with a focus on exports and improving competitiveness in global markets, aim to establish a sustainable and successful presence in the mining and steel industry.

Ashkan Bahrami

Mining and Steel Department Manager

Phone: +98 21 72856711