Food Department

Since the early days and the establishment of Dana Holding, adding value to the food industry supply chain has always been our focus. Utilizing the expertise of skilled individuals has shaped Dana’s export arm into a prominent player in the food sector. Market research, understanding consumer culture, and production based on export destinations are the key elements in this sector.

One of the company’s objectives is to create a diverse basket of high-quality and consistent food products. Therefore, Dana Holding seeks collaboration with top food producers to remain committed to its goal of supplying the best products to the global market.


Dana’s Food Department is dedicated to enhancing the export of food products, facilitating the production and export process, and creating new opportunities for producers in the food industry. The department aims to improve product quality, develop new markets, and increase the international presence of food brands.


1. Ensuring Quality and Food Safety:
– Providing international standards for the quality and safety of food products.
– Enhancing production processes while adhering to hygiene and environmental considerations.

2. Market Research and Market Development:
– Analyzing global markets and identifying opportunities and threats.
– Providing marketing solutions for entering target markets.

3. Facilitating the Production of Exportable Products:
– Offering specialized advice on production, packaging, and product storage.
– Supporting the upgrade of production equipment and improving production processes.

4. Business and Credit Consultation and Support:
– Providing business and credit consultation services to support producers in the production and export process.
– Establishing mechanisms to facilitate international financial transactions.

5. Sustainable Development:
– Encouraging the production of environmentally and socially sustainable products.
– Promoting social and environmental responsibility principles in the supply chain.

This department, as a vital artery in the structure of Dana Holding, facilitates the improvement of quality and export growth by providing diverse support and services to food producers. Through the enhancement of the food industry, it effectively contributes to national economic development.

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