Detergents Department

The Detergent Department at Dana Holding is responsible for ensuring the quality and hygiene standards of products, refining processed goods, and maintaining optimal organizational standards. This department, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and skilled professionals, plays a crucial role in enhancing the production stages and delivering export products for Dana Holding.


The mission of the Detergent Department at Dana Sepand Export Management Company is to guarantee the enhancement of product quality and organizational standards throughout all stages of production and distribution. Utilizing continuous efforts in refining and purification processes, this department establishes trust and satisfaction among both domestic and international customers.


1. Quality Assurance:
– Adhering to international and national standards in all stages of production and refinement.
– Continuous improvement of quality management processes to increase accuracy and credibility in production.

2. Sustainability:
– Reducing the consumption of natural resources and energy in production processes.
– Promoting green technologies and environmentally friendly practices within departmental activities.

3. Employee Capability Enhancement:
– Providing training courses to increase the knowledge and skills of personnel.
– Encouraging a team-oriented work culture and effective collaboration within the department.

4. Prevention of Defects and Hygiene Assurance:
– Continuous examination and supervision of products to prevent the production of items incompatible with hygiene standards.

5. Optimal Process Governance:
– Continuous improvement of production and refinement processes to increase efficiency and reduce material and energy wastage.

These objectives and missions portray the Detergent Department as an effective component in the development and progress of Dana Sepand Export Management Company.

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