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ALVITA serves as the perfect light, sweet! As one of the export brands of biscuits in Iran, with the background of 10 years international reputation in the heart of Esfahan, it stands as a benchmark for snacks.
Our name ALVITA is inspired by a group of young Consumers. ALVITA is also a premium biscuit brand for the grocery shelves.
Our collection of Biscuits also delights consumers with products from sweet and Whole wheat biscuits to wafers.
ALVITA holds true to the claim that the freshness in its light crispy texture, rectangular shape, fruity taste, and light golden color are relished by all alike. ALVITA delivers the promise to serve as the best snack to satisfy your hunger wherever you are, whenever you like.


One of the most innovative brands Launched by LENKA, it stands apart from all other brands due to its sweet taste, crunchy texture and unique flavor. These sweets are made by pure wheat flavor, Sugar, oil and many other healthy ingredients Eating LENKA is a pleasure in itself that adds a touch of sweetness to life!
Apart from a special taste, it is also the perfect biscuit to be used in all kinds of desserts, some of which our specialists have shared through the Family Packs. All one needs to do is buy a Family Pack and try one of the tasty recipes shown on the pack.
Sweets Biscuit is a part of life of Asian and African. The people of Iran, India, Turk, Arabian Countries and some Far African western countries are using these sweets as a dessert and not any party or cheerful occasion can be complete without sweets.


Farkhondeh Biscuit continues to forge a special place in the lives of a great many Iranians and is now an inseparable part of their memorable moments.
Farkhondeh Biscuit has always strived for betterment and further development, diversifying the flavors and shapes of its biscuits along with an increase in the production volume. Today, Farkhondeh biscuits are produced in thirty-three different forms of packaging with various weights and designs all made available in a wide range of supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout the country as well as export markets.
Ten different flavors and seven distinct shapes (up to now), is the result of a centralized as well as specialized strategy in designing and producing various types of biscuits so as to cater to customers’ varying tastes and expectations in Iran and all around the world.

A Sweeter World with Farkhondeh
As well as in the Iranian market, Farkhondeh biscuits are sold in twenty-five countries on all five continents of Europe (England, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands), North America (Canada, USA), Africa (Sudan, Tanzania, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Kenya, Gabon, Guinea, Burkina Faso), Asia (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Gulf states, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Central Asian countries) and Oceania (Australia and New Zealand).


Another one of our brands is Noorsin, specialized in spaghetti and pasta. We are offering you the best king of pasta, delicious and easy to cook, presented to you in different and attractive packages.

Pech Pech

Croissant is the French version of kipferl, which is considered one of the most popular pastries around the world that are filled with various types of chocolate or fruit cream. Pech Pech, which is one of the well-known brands in the production of all kinds of cakes and sweets, produces this product with unique quality and in stylish and appetizing packaging.

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