Import Department


The Import Department at Dana Holding is a key division responsible for managing and conducting activities related to the importation of goods (food, chemicals, raw materials, and machinery). To optimize the supply chain and meet the diverse needs of subsidiary companies, this department works towards developing opportunities in new markets and enhancing competitiveness.


1. Sourcing the Best Products and Materials:
– Examining global markets to select the best suppliers.
– Analyzing technical specifications and quality of materials and products.

2. Cost Reduction and Process Optimization:
– Negotiating optimal prices and terms with suppliers.
– Executing customs procedures with speed and precision.

3. Risk Management:
– Analyzing and managing risks associated with currency fluctuations, sanctions, and customs issues.

4. Improvement Recommendations:
– Providing suggestions for enhancing import processes and reducing delivery times.


1. Market Research:
– Investigating global market trends and identifying opportunities and challenges.
– Presenting analytical reports to executive management.

2. Contract Management:
– Executing and managing commercial contracts with suppliers.
– Monitoring the performance of suppliers and providing reports to management.

3. Customs and Clearance Affairs:
– Establishing effective communication with customs authorities to facilitate clearance.
– Tracking updates to customs laws and regulations and implementing relevant changes.

4. International Negotiations and Communications:
– Conducting effective negotiations with suppliers and foreign business partners.
– Maintaining active communication with other departments for better coordination.


– Increasing access to high-quality resources at competitive prices.
– Improving the stability of the supply chain and enhancing customer confidence.
– Creating new business opportunities and expanding into target markets.

The Import Department, as a vital component of Dana Sepand Holding, contributes to the overall improvement of the holding’s performance and efficiency. Through its efforts in intelligent import management, this department is recognized as a strategic hub for the development and progress of the holding.

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