Chemicals Department

Development of life experiences in the field of food exports has led us, along with the collaboration of skilled forces in the chemical industry, to smooth the turbulent path for the presence of Iranian brands. The production of the first international products of the Dana Group is the result of the dedicated efforts of our hardworking colleagues in this field.


The Chemicals Department of Dana Holding, with the mission of facilitating the export of chemical products, improving standards, and creating new opportunities for producers in the chemical industry, is actively engaged in activities. This department collaborates with various producers to enhance quality, safety, and informational reasoning in the field of chemical materials.


1. Ensuring International Standards:
– Providing specialized training in international standards and regulations for chemical materials.
– Consulting and promoting the use of innovative technologies in chemical production while adhering to international standards.

2. Research and Development:
– Supporting innovative research projects in the field of chemical production.
– Promoting the use of new methods and technologies in chemical production.

3. Marketing and Export:
– Analyzing global markets for chemical materials and identifying marketing opportunities.
– Providing marketing solutions and increasing presence in international markets.

4. Facilitating Customs Issues:
– Providing specialized consultation on customs issues and obtaining export licenses.
– Enhancing customs processes to facilitate exports.

5. Environmental and Social Sustainability:
– Encouraging the production of environmentally friendly and sustainable chemical materials.
– Adhering to social responsibility principles in the chemical supply chain.

This department, as a key entity in the process of exporting chemical materials, contributes to the acceleration of the growth of the chemical industry and the creation of added value in this field through collaboration with producers and the provision of extensive services, including consultancy, research and development, and marketing.

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