Dana Company was established as an export management company to export high-quality Iranian commodities to international markets. By recognizing the existing capacities in the country’s production and relying on the capability and creativity of its managers and employees, The company can provide the missing cycle between production and international supply by identifying suitable products with high export value and identifying and creating the global sales market, furthermore recognizing the demand and capabilities created in the development path and production process based on the use of the empty capacity of production companies is targeting and running. The company has provided the required resources for continuous improvement in its quality management system by setting the following policy and periodical objectives.

  1. Increasing the export volume
  2. Production of food products and chemicals with distinct brand names owned by Dana Company with good quality and standards.
  3. Increasing stakeholder satisfaction, evaluating, analyzing, and managing customer complaints.
  4. Organizational development and promotion, training, and empowerment of company employees
  5. Importing goods needed by stakeholders to meet the needs of stakeholders and return the currency from exports

This policy will be reviewed annually from the date of approval. Policy principles as the primary solution in Dana International Trade Co., while committing to implement the announced policy, requests all esteemed personnel to make every effort to move in this direction, and all esteemed managers are required to maintain the effectiveness of the company’s quality management system based on ISO10002-2018, ISO 10004-2018 and ISO 9001-2015 standards, to conduct effective internal audits

Wishing to achieve the great goals of the company


Farhad Tajik