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Managers and Experts Respond to Interview with Taadol Newspaper:
How does the Stock Exchange support export?
Bonds should not be limited to stock exchanges
Hadi Neil, an export expert, told Taadol: “If the project is not limited to stock companies and all exporters can benefit, then there is a good opportunity to finance exporting companies, many of which are facing a lack of funding.” Are considered. Exporters need to make changes to the quality and packaging of their products to improve their production in line with the needs of overseas markets, the expert mentioned, adding that these measures will require new investment in different sectors of production, given the market downturn. Domestic exporters need new ways of financing. “In the current situation, banks are not as responsive to production and export needs, and the creation of new tools such as Sukuk can improve the country’s export process, and the capital market is more diversified,” Nili said.

An Export and Trade Adviser has said that the country’s medium and small industries have major problems to sell their goods. he said: Most of the productions of these companies are imitative, it means that the production is widespread in the region and production license is obtained in order to be produced.
In an interview with Economic interviewer of (ISNA), Iran Isfahan region, Hadi Naili stated that the owners of these industries do not have a proper understanding of the market need, and the Ministry of Industry, Mins and Commerce and Banks were the licensing agents for the factory or workshop. And they also make banking allowances subject to presents statistics on cost, fuel, production line, estimated future product sales, and etc.
This economic and business consultant also said that, the ministry of industries, Mins and Commerce must approve a definitive requirement to present justification plans for exporting and selling small and medium-sized enterprises such as a mining license.
As an example, Nili said: “A macaroni producer has studied to change the product’s taste and appearance, and he has not just duplicated it because it would have different sales problems in Provinces.”
he said “The most mature form of consulting in the medium and small industries of the country is seeking legal consultants to solve administrative and legal problems,”. While in Developed countries, referring to consultants in all fields have been institutionalized in their profession.

The vice president of Dana Holding Company said that the increase in the foreign exchange’s price for exporters of the country was positive and said that the export production’s structure should be concordant in the long term, because the decrease in currency may result in exchange rate reduction and people who don’t have any plans for such a fluctuations will be excluded from world market’s competition.
He also mentioned; export feasibility, marketing research and studies and attitude to taste comprehensive are the most important items in worldwide export and said “one thing that should not be overlooked is that when a type of commodity is exported to a country, after a while a commodity’s market will be saturated and domestic producers can maintain their target market by changing and upgrading their products. It will be also possible if the use of business consultants has been continued.

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