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Gorji Biscuits with over half a century of experience in manufacturing biscuits, crackers, wafers, cookies and chocolate-coated biscuits is a familiar brand in the biscuit industry of Iran. The company has always placed the manufacture of quality products, attention to global markets, continuous training of employees and managers toward providing better products and attention to customer satisfaction at the forefront of its activities.
Gorji Bisucits Co., throughout its years of activity, has been known with the main brand of “Gorji”. In recent years, the company has also supplied products under the brand of Probis with the aim of creating a fighting brand.
The first manufacturer of probiotic biscuits in Iran
Gorji Biscuits Co. is the first manufacturer of probiotic biscuits in Iran. Probiotics are living microorganisms that, when consumed to the necessary level, bring health to their host. The body can get probiotics by consuming supplements and some foodstuffs.
Providing dietary sweets
This is a unique product that has the following nutritional benefits due to the natural ingredients used in its manufacture:
— High nutritional value due to the use of whole wheat flour, dried milk, bran, etc.
— Sugar-free (recommended for diabetic patients)
— Low calorie due to the absence of sugar and the use of alternative sweeteners, all of which have approval certificates from the global health organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and
Iran’s Ministry of Health Medical education.
— Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease due to low trans fat use
— Effective in treating and reducing digestive disorders due to the use of bran
— Does not contain preservatives

Certifications and Standards
— ISO 22000 Certification
— Halal Certification
— Application license for incentive standard mark

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Phone: +98 21 72856000
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Jordan Street (Nelson Mandela Blv), Tehran
4 East Unit, 4th floor, No 30, MIKA building